Sundrim Golf Course can accommodate almost any size group with full banquets facilities. We are always available to assist you in setting up your tournament so you have a worry free day. Note: A deposit will be required to reserve a date for your event. There
are still a few prime times available for the 2014 season, Call soon to reserve your date.
For more details, please call 905-765-4340, fax 905-765-7976, E-Mail: and ask for Mr. Warren Howe (General Manager)

Did you know?

The Guinness Book of Records records the longest drive on a regulation course is 515 yards by Michael Hoke Austin in 1974. Also, it's hard to believe but in 1457 golf was outlawed in Scotland. The Parliament of the day felt that the time spent playing golf would be better spent in archery practice to help defend Scotland from the English!

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